Genius tech provide hardware and networking training in Hyderabad We focus on building a platform for professionals and students to give them the best in education while being a part of the Institute. Genius Tech Institute is a Professional Learning Organization offering various courses like   Hardware and Networking Training, laptop chip level course, Mobile repair Training, Desktop Repair Courses, Distance Education and Professional Certification. We at Genius Tech aim to create a knowledge-based “Center of Excellence” in Education. Networking Basics a network is an interconnection of devices Networking is the communication between the interconnected devices Types of networks Lan Wan Man network devices network interface card, MAC  address(media access control address) Hub Switch Routers. Type of operating systems client operating system, server operating system. Networking topology Ring Bus Star Mesh topology And definition of protocols. . who can Design the future and execute plans with the design and excellence it takes to succeed. If you want to be such a Professional, you have come to the right place. Contact us for your coaching needs.


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45 days/30 days/15 days – (Crash courses are available; Sunday and weekend batches are also conducted).


2 Months (2 hours of training)